Mick McNicholas is a Representational Artist, working across media, primarily from life.

Originally from Liverpool, with an MA in Digital Media, Mick is largely self-taught with regards to the traditional methods of Fine Art. However, over the years he has attended various open classes, most recently at the Royal Drawing School, and now runs his own life drawing sessions as Wokingham Life-Drawing Society.

Following a successful career as a Digital Artist, Mick's practice led him to develop his skills in drawing originally as a way to enhance how he made digital works, but as he progressed he rediscovered his passion for creating something that is purely from within him. He now sees it as a way to express himself much more individualistically than via digital means.

Inspired by the resurgence in the atelier movement, the cornerstones of Mick's drawings are observation, and expressive mark-making. He finds drawing to be simultaneously a simple and immediate form of expression, whilst being an endlessly complex activity that discloses everyday that there is yet more to discover. It is this duality that fascinates and entices him. His philosophy is very simple; when it comes to drawing, the more you do, the more you see, the more you see, the more you're able to do!

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